Real Solitaire




Release all the cards onto the foundation (top) piles in number sequence.

Game Play

Move cards around in three ways. One, by playing cards of a different color on top of a card that is one number higher. Two, by playing cards onto the foundation(top) piles. Foundation piles are started with the ace in each suit and can be played on in sequence up to the king in each suit. Three, reveal a card from the deck. Cards can be revealed one at a time.

Continue to move cards around in these three ways until all cards are moved to the foundation (top) piles (win), or there are no more moves to be made (lose).


When every card of a bottom pile is moved elsewhere, only a king can be moved onto the open space created.

Switch Card Option

When there are no moves to be made, you can use switch option to switch a card between bottom pile and card card deck.

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